The Yellow Death

Contagious disease first encountered in the town of East Breeze. Since the wreck of The Molly Jones has been exposed by low tide, it seems to have sprung up again on the coast near the remains of East Breeze in Thefey’s home town and in the Kingdom of the Black Hills.

Desmond & Molly Jones tried to cure it, but instead caught the plague and scuttled their ship to keep it from spreading.


  • First there was a fever and yellow tinge to the skin.
  • Then the eyes would go pale.
  • Next the victim would fall into a deathly state and become stiff.
  • Finally, the seemingly dead victim would rise and seek to infect the living by holding them in their death grip clutches and breath a yellow gas in their face. Once clearly infected, the original walking dead would release their grasp and shamble about seeking high ground.

When The Molly Jones left the port of East Breeze, the dead could be seen clinging in droves to the masts of boats, the tops of trees, town steeples, and flag poles, their heads to the sky, frozen.


  • The Yellow Death Zombies do not appear to be “dead” in the normal sense. Attempts by clerics to turn them in the usual way fails. Also, Clanom used the Life-spark sword upon them, and found that they did not react to being struck by the sword in the way that undead normally do. Whether the zombies are actually dead but controlled by the yellow musk spores, or the victims are actually alive is unknown.
  • Healing spells only delayed the effects (about 10 minutes per point healed)
  • Cure Disease had no effect.
  • Light spells (keeping the infected within the glow of a light spell or in bright daylight) slowed the effects.
  • Darkness and dampness increased the speed of the effects.
  • Burning the “living dead” (“dead” infected) was difficult and impossible without oil.


  • Need to test Remove Curse on a victim.
  • Aladdin remembers a plant called a Yellow Creeper whose pollen could animate bodies. More research will need to be done to determine if this is actually the cause of the Yellow Death.
  • Röhan knows of Yellow Creeper and says this is not the standard version, since that is bound to the base plant’s location
  • Exorcism can remove the psychic connection of the Yellow Death

Thefey casts Speak with Plants and speaks with an infected person:

  • calls itself Alderath, which was a patriarch from Thefay’s town
  • fears people getting close to his actual location, which is the Temple of Alderath in Thefay’s home town
  • blessed by the creations of Master Mooster Feller, a mortal plant specialist


Event Date
Carter infected at the wreck of The Molly Jones April 28, ’04
Carter moved to the Kingdom for Clerical care April 28, ’04
Carter dies & is buried April 29, ’04
Carter’s body animates as a zombie and breathes spores
on (at least) two people in the Kingdom
April 30, ’04
The two people are put in quarantine May 1, ’04
The two people showing clear signs of the Yellow Death
They “died” and were burned
May 2, ’04
LKAB casts Exorcism and saves an infected little girl
then one needs to cast Neutralize Poison and the possibly a Heal
Destruction of Alderath, so the plague looses its sentience
May 3, ’04

Normal Yellow Musk Creeper
Neutralize Poison and Heal (heal to repair damage)


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