Woods of the Dithedine

Previously the home of the Devil’s Doorman. Homeland of the Dark Elves known as the Keck (supposedly the descendants of the Dithedine). The Dithedine disappeared, and the woods became infested with evil.

A retired Paladin who lives at the church which is the former homestead of Desmond and Molly Jones is still trying to purge the woods by making nightly forays into the woods to kill evil creatures, traveling in a wagon pulled by his warhorse and whitewashed with a paint made with holy water.

The Oracle had this to say about restoring the woods of the Dithedine: “To eliminate the evil, draw them from the forest for that is their sanctuary. Out of the forest, drawn by desire, they can fall – but only by a mighty force. There is no cure from evil, only great strength and sacrifice.”

The woods were once inhabited by the elder elves. Then a group of elves known as the Dithedine (possibly dark elves) came and took over after years of accepting co-living by elders. Then the elders disappeared and Dithedine vanished to be replaced by “evil”. All are now gone except Kecks living in the outskirts.


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