This mighty mace is the sign of office for the Lord King Afton Barr. He forged it with his own hands, though he was instilled with the grace of his Gods. As long as he possesses it, his kingdom will not fall.

In order to create Netherforge, Lord King Afton Barr needed to sacrifice some other magical items:

  • Two handed sword Moaning
  • Ring of Fire Resistance
  • Ring of Protection
  • A couple of other miscellaneous minor items.

Unfortunately, Nethforge was lost when some undead stole it, along with some other magic items. Afton intended to follow the undead to see where the items were being taken, but they walked into an underwater cave in a lake, and the item was lost.

According to The Oracle, it sits in a hollow in the woods of the Dithedine, collected by a Podler as a piece of his collection. It is safe and unknown to any but the hidden folk of the Poddler People.


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