Kit for Tailoring Reality

Found at the bottom of the Fountain of Youth pool (possibly dropped by the intruder after being incinerated).

  • satchel of finely worked leather with an unknown religious seal on it’s face, whose contents were revealed to be:
    • A pair of silver and gold scissors of unknown metal.
    • A set of 12 sewing needles in a leather case.
    • Three spools of fine thread (black, white, silver).
    • A pair a small gloves of fine leather.

As reported in Finding The Sparrows’ Reach:

Since the gloves were small they were given to Adler George to try on. He quickly determined they were gloves of “deft hands”. I don’t know what that means but he seemed very pleased to have them. He then tested the scissors by cutting out a very clever paper doll from a piece of parchment. This seems to have been a bad idea since, though I never actually saw anything, the LKAB and several others claimed they saw a small “slit” in the “fabric of space” through which air began to be pulled. I don’t know what that means but after one of them said “It seems to be getting bigger” all seemed VERY concerned. A “patch” of sorts was sewn over the “hole”. This I did see! Unable to use the thread from the satchel (it seemed to dissipate at his touch) Alder sewed two pieces of cloth on either side of the “tear”. Then stitched around the “tear” using the cloth. To me this appeared as a hovering cloth “pocket” in the hull of the ship. This was odd. All seemed pleased until they realized the ship would soon be back in the tide. There was immediate panic and Captain Solomon She was called in. They expressed their concern to the captain. I can’t say he actually believed their story but, sensing genuine concern and having to get the ship off the rocks and safely into the tide, he granted their wish and provided the ship’s carpenter. It seems their fear was that once the ship set sail the “tear” might stay in place and rip a hole in the side of the ship as it pulled away with the tide. This was well beyond my understanding but, sure enough, as soon as ship launched….the tear ripped a small hole in the side of the ship as the “pocket” shot violently around the room and disappeared through the side of the ship. I was told to avoid the flying “pocket” and did so with great concern…though I had no idea why. The ship’s carpenter repaired the hole quickly. It is said, somewhere in this great bay, there still exists a “rip in space”. There was mention of concern of a great whirlpool, but none was seen as we departed.

Due to the dangerous nature of this item, it is being stored in the catacombs of Castle LKAB for safe-keeping.

Kit for Tailoring Reality

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