The Horned Man

Also known as “The Collector”. Rumored to be born of a Swamp Demon and an Elven Maiden. Collector of magic blades. Know to have a keen perception.

Actually turned out to be a (part?) Lockhorn with a specially designed helmet that exposed his actual horns. The party later learned he believed he would be slain by a legendary blade, so he tracked down and collected as many such weapons as possible.

Hired an unnamed thief to try to steal the Sword that enchants the Fountain of Youth, though this theft failed.

Hired Quisod, the Tattoo’d Man, to help him ambush Balelekai in order to acquire Snicker-Snack, the Vorpal blade.

Hired Quisod and a different unnamed thief to steal the Sword containing the Life Spark of Bog. When the thief decided he wanted to keep it for himself, The Horned Man decapitated him. He and Quisod then traveled to Broinn na Máthar to complete a ritual with the Life Spark Sword.

Was observed attempting to initiate the ritual with the Druid Lich, though when the Life Spark Sword was taken, fighting broke out between The Horned Man and the Druid Lich (along with this Elementals), resulting in The Horned Man’s death.

As Clanom, et. al., where escaping from Broinn na Máthar via Ik Kil’s lair, the Druid Lich showed up with The Horned Man’s zombified body, probably still wielding Snicker-Snack.

When Clanom, et.al., returned to Broinn na Máthar, the undead Horned Man attacked them while riding a Wyvern. He was again defeated.

Author of The Horned Man’s Third Journal.

History Date
hired one thief to steal the Sword in the Fountain of Youth and another to steal the Life-Spark Sword unknown
killed Balelakai for Snicker-Snack with the Tattooed Man’s help early April, ’04
killed the thief who stole the Life-Spark Sword April 20, ’04
observed by Crystal Ball with the Tattooed Man when scrying for Life-Spark Sword April 21, ’04
observed by Crystal Ball with the Tattooed Man following The Sparrow’s Reach April 22, ’04
killed fighting the party and the Druid Lich in Broinn na Máthar April 23, ’04
animated corpse seen under the control of the Druid Lich April 24, ’04
animated corpse destroyed by Lord King Afton Barr & Clannom May 7, ’04


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