Door Tapestry

A set of twin tapestries that are 7 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide. Woven in a fine, thin cloth of magical properties. The tapestries each depict a door (inverted from each other) that appears carved from a dark wood with intricate handles and hinges. Carved on one door in ancient druidic runes is the word “home”. When hung or laid out on a floor (or pinned to a ceiling) the doors may be opened and one may pass between them regardless of the distance. The only stipulation seems to be that the doors be placed in the same orientation (both vertical or both horizontal) in order for them to work.

The door without the “home” inscription was originally hung in a tiny house in a magically enchanted wood that was fiercely protected from humanoids by a ents and elementals. The door was eventually removed from the home by Buffy when she and her companions were trapped in the “home” when the other door was taken into the Arena, and thusly was prevented from working.

The “home” door is now regularly carried by the Lord King Afton Barr and/or his companions or troops as a means to have regular contact and support from the kingdom of the Black Hills. The twin door is kept in the private chapel of Afton where dedicated clerics and servants await the door’s opening and a request by their king, such as:

  • “Hey, we found this weird girl who makes voodoo puppets. Help her out and make her feel at home”
  • “Hey, we just captured this Orc, lock him up and question him”
  • “Hey, such-n-such just got turned to stone. Stash him somewhere safe”
  • “Grab a ballista and point it at the door, when we open it…fire it at the giant”



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