Devil’s Doorman

A peon in the hierarchy of Hell who gained importance with the destruction of his betters, this unnamed Wizard attempted to recreate Hell (after it’s destruction by The Hell Conquerors) so that he would have new creatures for which to open doors.

As a trained doorman, he was an expert at leaving places quickly. This was fortunate, since he was not an expert in anything else and his schemes invariable failed. He was also apparently skilled at finding suicidal associates, whom he was kind enough to place in situations that guaranteed their deaths.

Slain by Lord King Afton Barr after he forgot that he was better at running than fighting.

Had an Imp as a familiar.

History Date
created Faux Orcus with the Crown of Evil unknown
uses a Wish to break Lord King Afton Barr’s link to the Kingdom of the Black Hills June 16, ’03
defeated in the Battle of Castle LKAB, but escapes July 18, ’03
his Imp familiar steals Netherforge October 17, ’03
attempts to subjugate the Oracle & is slain February 25, ’04


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