Desmond & Molly Jones

A bi-racial married couple (Desmond, a doppelganger. Molly (a human and/or angel) who are the subject of the song that bears their name sung by the Nickel Tyme. They were well-renowned bards and known members of The Octopus’ Garden.

They lived for a time in a small homestead near the current Woods of the Dithedine. While they lived on the homestead, they were trying to ‘clean’ the woods & return the elves. They were well known for healing visitors who came to their farm for “blessings” or to receive wisdom. Their farm, over time, had church built on the land, near the sea’s edge. They lived in a sort of “ageless” state at the church, occasionally (every 10-20 years) taking extended voyages to the Archipelago to “ease their ills” (it is unknown as to why they appeared ageless). They always returned looking young and healthy. They always sailed on their small vessel, The Molly Jones, with a small, regular crew of sailors.

On one such trip they decided to retire to a small island known as The Isle of Wight. There can be found two small graves bearing their names. In these graves, according to the last journal of Molly Jones (discovered by Aladdin Sane in the hull of the wrecked ship) are actually the bodies of two doppelgangers (see below). When Desmond and Molly decided to retire to the Isle of Wight, in their place returned two doppelgangers who had been members of their ship’s crew. The crew revealed they were doppelgangers (and always had been) to D&M when they said they would not be returning to the church. When Desmond and Molly said this, these doppelgangers volunteered to return on The Molly Jones and take their place to continue their good work. D&M agreed as long as they cared for the visitors as they had and left the home always open to their kids, should they decide to return, and grand kids, Mackenzie and Eleanor (who had moved on with their own lives some time before – and aged normally).

When the last known “Desmond and Molly” left to sea, the ship never returned. Until then the crew of sailors would sail to the Isle to continue the tradition of the original Desmond and Molly’s “vacations” every 10-20 years. They would share the news with D&M and then return with two different crew members posing as Desmond and Molly (looking fresh and healthy and ageless).

Desmond and Molly had at least two children, whose names fates, and whereabouts are unknown. They lived at the old church for some time before leaving to parts unknown. There is no record of why they left nor where they went nor how much they knew of the doppelganger scheme.

Desmond and Molly’s children produced two children, a male child named Mackenzie and a female child named Eleanor. Mackenzie, Desmond & Molly’s grandson, now an old man known as Father MacKenzie, lives on their former homestead and maintains it as a sort of non-denominational church/shrine so that (paraphrasing) “there will be something there for them if they return someday, to show that they were remembered”. Also living there is a semi-retired Paladin named Strom who makes nightly forays into the woods to kill anything evil he finds there.

Their granddaughter, Eleanor, married a famous sea captain known as Captain Phineas Rigby. They had a daughter named Jude. It is known (via the journal) that she used to sail with her father on his voyages around the Great Bay.

On one such voyage the ship was destroyed by a great serpent and Captain Rigby and his entire crew died. Jude survived and had a long odyssey returning to her mother’s home to share the sad news. Eleanor never recovered from her grief at losing her husband and came as a widower to live with her brother Mackenzie. She eventually died and “was buried along with her name” at the old church of her grandparents.

The old homestead/church is near a cliff which overlooks a bay. The buildings are of very sturdy construction – almost fortress-like – with heavy shutters for each window. A bell in the steeple appears to have some kind of ability to ward off evil. Stained glass windows in the church shows scenes from Desmond & Molly’s lives. There is a strange gender/role reversal depicted which is also reflected in the song’s lyrics, and the last window appears to show them leaving by ship to the Octopus’ Garden.

Desmond & Molly were elf-friends, and this status may have been passed down somehow to their progeny, as their grandson Father McKenzie has been seen to talk to the Paladin’s war horse. Even Strom himself appears to have some kind of Druid-like ability to move through the Woods of the Dithedine beyond the ability of a normal person, so perhaps their is some connection in all of this?

The whereabouts and condition of the last Desmond & Molly were unknown – all that was known is that they disappeared some time ago on a ship. It stood to reason that this is likely connected to a ghost-ship know locally as The Molly Jones which can occasionally be seen out in the bay near the homestead. The remains of a ship bearing the name “Molly Jones” lies in a “pit” along the edge of one point of the trail of Sparrows’ Reach. The Lord King Afton Barr and Aladdin searched the ship and with the help of the spirit of Molly Jones, found the well-preserved remains of Desmond & Molly in their chambers, curled in an embrace, dead.

Their remains were “protected” by a sea witch known as Seraphina. Seraphina longed to defile the remains; she hated their love and beauty so deeply. She, unable to defile the ship herself, lured treasure hunters to the ship to do her bidding, then killed them. Seraphina was destroyed by the LKAB and Aladdin and friends and the spirits of Desmond and Molly were released. The ship was also guarded by two large shambling mounds, sea lions, and a few giant crab. It is unknown if the freeing of the spirits will affect the appearance of the ghost ship of The Molly Jones.

A headstone lies in the back corner of the small graveyard in front of the church, bearing their names, the tragedy and comedy masks, and a banner which bears the inscription, “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on.” It is questionable as to whether or not they or anything else is actually buried there. There is also a grave marker for Eleanor Rigby. Father Mackenzie claims to have buried his sister Eleanor and only created the two monuments to D&M as a memorial for their likely death.

From the Journal of Molly Jones

From Aladdin’s reading of the last journal of Molly Jones it appears the following happened:

The last D&M took their scheduled vacation sail to the Isle of Wight and visit the original D&M. It seems along the way there was a weather problem in the Archipelago that caused them to go off course and be lost for many years. Eventually they made it home (not to the Isle of Wight).

Once back at the church they were visited by Mackenzie who shared the fate of Captain Rigby, the grief of Eleanor and the departure of Jude to find them (“Desmond and Molly” — who had now been gone for a few years).

With that sad news the current D&M once again set off for the Isle of Wight to share the news of Jude’s quest. This time the journey was successful and the news was delivered.

Concerned for their great grand daughter’s safety the real D&M decided to return to their home and tell the truth of it all to Jude. Molly created the journal to give to Jude to explain who she was, who they were and what had been “the truth to it all”. They embarked on the return trip, and The Molly Jones stopped at it’s usual ports o’ call. At one such port, East Breeze, they took on various barrels of supplies.

While in the East Breeze harbor they learned the town had been struck by a great plague that was causing odd behavior among the townspeople. First there was a fever and yellow tinge to the skin, then the eyes would go pale, then the victim would fall into a deathly state and become stiff. Later, the seemingly dead victim would rise and seek to infect the living. These walking dead would only die with great effort (dismemberment or fire). Molly insisted they stay to try to heal the ill and stop he plague. Their efforts to fight the plague were futile and when the town became overrun with the infected they set sail on The Molly Jones. They quickly understood they too had been infected. Knowing their fate and the possibility that their beloved ship could become a floating coffin and carrier of the plague to other lands, they decided to sink her. They performed many blessings on the ship to protect their resting place and on the night of the full moon, under the stars, their crew scuttled her, while D&M lay embraced in their bed. Their last wish was that their great grand daughter, Jude, would learn the truth and forgive them their secrets. To their great regret they never found a cure to the plague. Molly left copious notes about it in her journal.

The plague: other than the effects noted above it as noted:

  • Healing spells only delayed the effects (about 10 minutes per point healed)
  • Cure Disease had no effect.
  • Light spells (keeping the infected within the glow of a light spell or in bright daylight) slowed the effects.
  • Darkness and dampness increased the speed of the effects.
  • Burning the “living dead” (“dead” infected) was difficult and impossible without oil.
  • The dead sought out the uninfected and would hold them in their death grip clutches and breath a yellow gas in their face. Once clearly infected the original walking dead would release their grasp and shamble about seeking high ground. When D&M left the port of East Breeze the dead could be seen clinging in droves to the masts of boats, the tops of trees, town steeples, and flag poles, their heads to the sky, frozen.


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