Crown of Good

Allowed the wearer’s desire to become real (up to a point). Originally hidden in Lord King Afton Barr’s Castle.

When worn by Lady Queen Barr, she created a mystic barrier around LKAB Castle to keep the army of the Devil’s Doorman, the Faux-Orcus, and the Weaver at bay. Used in the final battle against Faux-Orcus, where it touched the Crown of Evil and thereby deactivates them both. This freed the poor ordinary pawn that had been wearing it.

Destroyed for the benefit of Humanoid-kind.


Event Date
found at Suraseth Cranenthaul’s lair May 17, ’02
used in the defense of Lord King Afton Barr’s Castle July 18, ’03
destroyed along with the rest of the Regalia of Might July 26, ’03


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