Captain Farsight

Male Dwarven Fighter.

A soldier in the army of the Kingdom of the Black Hills and served directly under Lord King Afton Barr.

Described by Tywane as “a stern man who takes no bull from anyone.”


Claims to Fame Date
march from outpost tower for Greycastle December 23, ’03
arrive at a dam with a tower & fight Lizardmen December 27, ’03
final defeat of Lizardmen December 29, ’03
leave tower & continue to Greycastle January 12, ’04
arrive at Greycastle & fight Kobolds January 16, ’04
alliance banquet with Greycastle Gnomes January 20, ’04
start marching back to outpost tower January 21, ’04
arrive at outpost tower January 23, ’04
arrive at Kingdom January 24, ’04
start marching to Greycastle January 27, ’04
arrive at Greycastle January 31, ’04
start marching to The Devil’s Fang February 1, ’04
arrive at The Devil’s Fang, fight a Medusa, & retreat
from a Flesh Golem back to Greycastle
February 2, ’04
arrive at Greycastle February 4, ’04
start marching to the Kingdom with a Gnome offering February 10, ’04
arrive at the Kingdom February 12, ’04
start marching to The Devil’s Fang February 14, ’04
arrive at The Devil’s Fang & fight Giants February 17, ’04
embark on The Amber Wine on the Plane of Air February 19, ’04
meet with LKAB on the Plane of Air & defeat the Devil’s Doorman February 25, ’04
return to the Kingdom through the Door Tapestry February 27, ’04
starts hunting the Life-Spark Sword April 20, ’04
embark on The Vicky Gale April 21, ’04
fight Giant Crabs, losing hand & likely dying April 23, ’04

Captain Farsight

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