Return to Broinn na Máthar

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Return to Broinn na Máthar

Plans for returning to Broinn na Máthar, defeating the Druid Lich & the zombie of The Horned Man, not getting killed by the Elementals, and retrieving Snickersnack, the Life Spark weapon of Mafic, & any important texts of the Druids.


  • the Druid Lich has one of each type of Elemental at his command. Two hits from an Earth Elemental put Morph into the negatives. In the last fight, some of the Elementals were targeting The Horned Man. This time we will not be so lucky. In reviewing his spells, Aladdin found that Protection from Evil keeps Elementals from being attack the spell’s target, even though Elementals are not Evil. As a 1st level spell, each of our Clerics can cast this multiple times. There is also a 3rd level version that creates a 10’ radius circle that the Elementals cannot attack or enter. Unfortunately, it is immobile. Parking the casters in one will protect them from the Elementals, but will make a nice target for the Lich.
  • low level creatures looking at the Lich may run in fear. If possible, we need to reserve some spells in order to cast Remove Fear on those who fail their saving throw.
  • Liches have lots of spells. We kept him from casting last time by using Silence. We should totally do this again, but he will likely be ready for it.
  • The Horned Man is wielding the Vorpal Sword. He may still be a zombie (or tougher undead), or the Druid Lich may have Reincarnated him. In any case, melee with him is very dangerous. Ideally, he should be Entangled immediately and then taken out with ranged attacks & spells. Also, as an undead, it may be possible to use Turn Undead on him to make him flee.
  • Captain Solomon She calculated that the entrance will only be above water for 3 hours per low tide. This is not enough time to do what we need to do and get back, so we will be spending at least 12 hours (and probably the night). I believe the that Clanom will be able to tell if the entrance is free of water from the underside, but even if he can’t, we have ways of breathing underwater for long enough to get to the surface (and the waiting raft (see below)).

Since most magic items do not work in Broinn na Máthar, we must choose who to bring through the Door Tapestry before entering. There is a need to keep the list at a minimum to maximize the number of people with Protection from Evil cast upon him/her:

  • Clanom – the Life Spark Sword of Bog works in Broinn na Máthar, plus it will open the entrance & should keep the Earth Elementals at the bottom of the stairs from attacking.
  • Lord King Afton Barr – if there is a second Life Spark weapon to be found, he is the best fighter to swing it. Also, his Cleric spells will be helpful.
  • AladdinPolymorph Self into a Hippogriff will allow the whole party to move down the cliff quickly and safely. Also, his Wizard spells are one of the ways to hurt the Lich.
  • Tansy – her Cleric spells will be helpful.
  • Godforge – his Cleric spells will be helpful.
  • at least one other dwarf – if we find a second Life Spark weapon, it would be best if it bonded with someone while in Broinn na Máthar (i.e., the same ritual that bound Clanom to his Life Spark weapon). As Clanom says, though, the wielder must accept the responsibility of being Chieftain of the Dithedine above all else, so this is not appropriate for Lord King Afton Barr. Godforge is an option, though we should have at least one backup.
  • Thefey – this Elven Druid’s spells will be helpful. Also, he should be able to decipher any Druidic writing.
  • Adler – good in a fight, but doesn’t contribute directly
  • Nakezin – good in a fight, but doesn’t contribute directly

Day Before:

  • while in Cullenshole, buy Molotov Cocktails (non-magical, so will work), Holy Water, time-marked candles, rope, potions, etc.
  • have the dwarves build a raft that can fit through the Door Tapestry. When we get to the entrance, we will pull it through and anchor it. This will give us a place to swim to if we open the entrance while it is underwater. Once out, we can use the raft as a place to open the Door Tapestry and send everyone (except the person flying back) to the kingdom.
  • see if Thefey can read the text on the tattered Cloak of Flying we found the last time we were in Broinn na Máthar.

Day of the Attack:

  • as usual, someone will have to get to the entrance. Since Aladdin’s spells will be needed later, LKAB & Godforge will probably have to run with Boots of Water Walking (again).
  • at the entrance, open the Door Tapestry. Bring out the raft & those joining in the attack. Anchor the raft.
  • once through the entrance, start a time-marked candle to give us an idea where we are in the tide cycle.
  • travel down the stairs to the landing. The Tattoo’d Man said that the body of the Dwarf Chieftain was trapped in the vines, but may have fallen. We need his weapon (plus any other items of his that will work in Broinn na Máthar), so we will have to search the vines from where his body was trapped down to the floor.
  • Aladdin will cast Polymorph Self and fly people safely to the ground. It has a two hour duration, so it may have other uses during the fight.
  • approach the Druid Circle. If we are lucky, the Druid & The Horned Man are there. If not, we will have to either search or get them to come to us.
  • cast Protection from Evil on anyone likely to be attacked by an Elemental (ideally everyone in the party). If it makes sense, cast Protection from Evil, 10’ radius on a defendable spot.
  • in the previous fight, the Druid summoned his Elementals from the nearby air, water, etc. There isn’t much we can do about these, but the Fire Elemental was produced from the brazier in the circle’s center. If this was put out (e.g., Ice Storm, Create Water, a big bucket, etc.), it is possible that the Fire Elemental could not be summoned.
  • during the fight, try to destroy The Horned Man at a range & keep the Druid in Silence.
  • win
  • find & destroy the Druid Lich’s phylactery. Until this is done, the Lich’s body will continue to reform.
    Any questions?

Clanom sits upright and raises his hand… “Mr. Sane! Mr. Sane! Clanom of the Dithedine here from the Great Swamp Daily Inquisitor…um… hello sir. Question: if magic items don’t work in Broinn na Máthar,why is it we believe that the Vorpal Sword will work? Also, doesn’t it seem like we should find a non-cleric dwarf (ready to become a Dithedine chieftain, of course) to wield the other Life Spark weapon? It seems like a cleric’s deity might take offense at their BFF follower chatting with another godly being behind their back. Is there a high level Dwarven fighter that we know or know of who might be willing to ‘take one for the team and/or everyone on the continent?’ Finally, even though magic weapons won’t work, might we have access to some blessed weapons to employ agains His Unholiness? Thank you.”

The Knave perks up, and adds, “What about polymorphing yourself into a beholder, so you can act as an elevator but also cast a bunch of cool spells from your eyeballs and look super awesome?”

Aladdin smacks his hand against his forehead "You are probably right, Clanom. The Vorpal Sword’s horrific abilities are probably suppressed in Broinn na Máthar…, though it never hurts to be careful. Even a normal sword has a chance to decapitate you 3% of the time.

As for the person to claim the leadership of the Dithedine of Malfic, I explicitly included a non-cleric dwarf on the raid for this purpose. I suggest we choose the most capable of the soldiers of the Black Hills. I should also point out that Mordorph would like to be considered for the job.

With regards to polymorphing into a Beholder, I will have to refer to the lore and ask for deific guidance to whether I know enough about these strange creatures to become one, even for a short while."

Aladdin thumbs through his spellbookPolymorph Self grants physical abilities, such as flying & enhanced strength, but not mystical abilities, such as breathing fire or shooting cool spells from your eyeballs. Too bad.”

Final Plan

Eight will go in, in “healing buddy” pairs:

  • LKAB & the Knave
  • Clanom & Tansy
  • Morf & Godforge
  • Aladdin & Thefay

Each pair has someone who can heal & someone who can cast Dispel Magic (usually the same person). The hope is they can keep each other in action.


  • find the second Dithedine weapon
  • find Snicker-Snack
  • collect information about The Wyrm (hopefully some will be around)
  • hopefully destroy the Druid Lich

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Return to Broinn na Máthar

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