Return to Broinn na Máthar

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Planning for returning to Broinn na Máthar

Return to Broinn na Máthar

May 6, ’04

Before starting for Broinn na Máthar, the party needed to spend the day finishing the transcription of the spell from the Druid Obelisk (handled by Thefay & Adler) and triangulation its exact possition (handled by Lord-King Afton Barr & Aladdin). Aladdin also spent several hours Identify’ing the Staff of the Archdruid. The party then bribed the local Trolls with sheep & pigs in the hope that we could bribe them again when we get back (instead of having to fight them).

The Knave & Aladdin spend the night on the Flying Carpet to reach the Talon’s Way in time for the morning tide.

May 7, ’04

Following the Talon’s Way from the air is much faster than having the Lord-King run.

The Knave & Aladdin hear music, which sounds like a song from Broinn na Máthar, telling its secrets. The two go off-course and investigate.

Aladdin’s hand brushes Clear Thought and its cleared addled perceptions so he realized that the song they were hearing was actually the enchantment of some Harpies on a remote chuck of rock in the bay. It took all of Aladdin’s persuasive abilities to convince the Knave to forgo the “secrets” of the feathered fiends. Fortunately, the carpet is faster than them.

The two flew over some Sahuagin capturing a Hippocampus. They wished they had the time to save it, but they can’t miss the tide.

Upon arriving, the party is attacked by three giant Octopuses that moved into the lairs of the giant Crabs we killed here last time. Fortunately, Godforge proved to be the Snuffer of Cephalopods, delivering the killing blows to two of them.

Using the Stone of Air, the Knave swam down into the lair tied to a rope. When it went slack, Aladdin transformed into a Dolphin and checked up on him. The Knave was being chased by a swimming undead dwarf (!), but they were able to exit before it caught them. The Knave managed to snatch an ancient dwarvish dagger from what seemed to be a wrecked ship that had been dragged into a lower cavern. There was a desire to explore further, but Aladdin presses them to continue before the tide returned (plus he only had an hour or so duration left on Polymorph Self).

Unlike last time, where we had to use Stone Shape spells to open the portal, Clanom is able to use the Lifespark Sword to open it with the phrase
Nine for the Council
Three for the Dithedine
All for the Colossus that Lies Within

Clanom uses the phrase again to deactivate the Earth Elementals on the ledge that injured us so badly last time. Since his Polymorph Self spell was still in effect, Aladdin became a monkey so he could check the armor that we knew was tangled in the vines. It appears to be of the same make & markings as the dagger that the Knave had just retrieved. Aladdin tied a rope to it, but our attempts to pull it out only resulted in a leg piece falling off, so the attempt was abandoned. Aladdin explored down to the ground level, being attacked by a giant Spider & a flying Ixitxachitl. At the ground, he found other parts of the armor with sod growing over it.

Aladdin returned to the ledge, then changed to a Hippogriff and started ferrying the party down in small groups:

  • Lord-King Afton Barr & Chieftain Clanom got down without issue
  • Morf & the Knave got attacked by an Ixitxachitl, but they killed it almost instantly.
  • Tansy, Godforge, Thefay, & Aladdin were attacked by the rotting Horned Man riding a Wyvern! Fortunately, they managed to rush to the ground before being attacked.

Unfortunately, the Horned Man didn’t follow. We need to kill the Horned Man and get his sword, but he is still up there flying somewhere.

The Lord-King pulled up the armor pieces from the sod, but the second Lifespark weapon was not there. We will have to proceed to the standing stones, though we will expose ourselves at the central meadow first. Hopefully the Horned Man will engage us before we have to confront the Druid Lich.

A troop of skeletal Dwarves in the same livery as the armored corpse in the vines has been sent to fight us. Fortunately, the divine might of Lord-King Afton Barr, Godforge, & Tansy has shattered them to dust.

We are proceeding towards the open meadow in the center of Broinn na Máthar in the hopes that the Horned Man would come down to fight. Instead, the Druid Lich is using Tree Stride to jump in and out, attacking us with Insect Plague & Darkness, then finally Feeblemind on Aladdin.

Most of the party has been Entangled, though Clanom could walk out.

LKAB and Morf kill the zombie Horned Man and the Wyvern it is riding.

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Return to Broinn na Máthar

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