Thefey Inheart

Male high elf druid.


Class: Druid
Sex/Race: Druid/High Elf
Alignment: True Neutral
Player: Carl


Thefey comes from an isolated clan of druids in the coastal forests of The Great Bay in the town of Waterford. His clan’s patriarch (it was discovered) was the caretaker of an ancient druid elder. This Elder Druid is the keeper of important texts of the druids. Thefey recently had to evacuate his homeland in search of help to cure a yellow plague that has ravaged the land. He fled to the coast and got a ride to Cullenshole where he was unsuccessfully seeking assistance until he stumbled upon a wizard on April 30, ’04 named Aladdin who asked him to feed a funny looking, sad raven some fish.



met the party in Cullenshole
feeds Balelakai’s ex-familiar, a raven
April 30, ’04
helped defeat Alderath
becomes the Steward of the Staff of the Archdruid
May 3, ’04
helped retrieve Snickersnack from Broinn na M├íthar May 7, ’04

Thefey Inheart

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