Clanom of the Dithedine

Male Elf Thief & Dithedine of Bog


Class: Thief
Level: 4
Sex/Race: Male/Elf
Description: Tall for an elf. Dimpled scars in both buttocks from an Orc quarrel. Missing right ear (and lowered Perception) from a bow string – what else.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Fate: Currently serving as chieftain of the Dithedine of Bog
Birthday: Nov. 1
Player: Craig Polson

Also see The Transformation of Clanom.


  • Life-Spark of Bog
  • Tattered Cloak of Flying with command words, in the form of the Oath of the Dithedine, sewn in the intricate embroidered pattern around the edge. Probably belonged to the chief of the Clan of Mafic. Acts as Feather Fall.

Scan date: Aug. 5, 2014

NOTE: Perception is now 14




Grabbed the Life-Spark Sword as described in this adventure and became the chieftain of the Dithedine of the Colossus named Bog by the God Silvanus.

Collects awesome statements made by fellow adventurers, such as:

  • “Those could be wandering trees.”Brandenberg
  • “Rocks are powerful.”Morph
  • “I don’t know what I’m doing.”Tansy
  • “See that man’s missing ear? It’s gone!”Aladdin
  • “We could spread our feces for the treants?” – Morf


Claims to Fame Date
meets Gideon at Brannigan’s Farm February 28, ’03
meets Mordorph March 1, ’03
meets Tansy March 21, ’03
accidentally kills Mordorph, though Ares brings him back March 22, ’03
on The Road to Ang-Lamar May 7, ’03
Wish’d back to the Kingdom by Lord King Afton Barr July 3, ’03
defeats the Faux-Orcus and his Orc army in the Battle of the Great Hall July 18, ’03
becomes an Envoy of the Kingdom of the Black Hills February 21, ’04
gives chase to the thief that stole the Life-Spark Sword April 20, ’04
enters Broinn na M├íthar at the end of The Sparrow’s Reach
become the Chieftain of the Dithedine of Bog
April 23, ’04
frees the spirits of Desmond & Molly Jones from the sunken wreck of
The Molly Jones
April 30, ’04
help slay Alderath in order to end the Yellow Death May 3, ’04
Medical History Date
goes negative April 3, ’03
back up to “0” April 13, ’03
loses an ear February 23, ’04

Clanom of the Dithedine

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