Alfaro Flan

RETIRED half elf High Druid





Retired. High Druid of Alfaro’s Woods. Initiate of the 7th circle (9th level).

Possessor of the following items:

  • Eyes of Hermes
  • Betelgeuse Monocle
  • the only remaining “fire glove” once used by Jackalclan
  • Windspring, a magic staff which creates a fruit tree tree-fort when stuck in the ground and the command word is used
  • the Horn of Stunning Lockhorns

For a long time, wielded the Crossbow from Another Time. When it only had one charge left, he placed it & Tell-Tale’s Heart in the Red Cauldron, then cast Call Lightning. The resulting explosion was immense.

His birthday is December 2nd.

Alfaro Flan

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