Aladdin Sane

Vizor to the Kingdom of the Black Hills


Vizor to the Kingdom of the Black Hills and your humble editor.

Birthday: May 27th


  • Clear Thought
  • Invitation to The Octopus’ Garden
  • Balzrazak™ Dagger
  • Balzrazak™ Fishing Lure
  • Crystal Ball Shard
  • Bluestone Amulet
  • Cloak of the Woods of the Dithedine
  • Staff of the Woods of the Dithedine
  • Staff of the White Woods
  • Wand Case through which magic cannot be detected (hid the Rod of Good for a while)
  • Magic box which contains the illusion of an item the opener wants most. Has a secret compartment which actually contains an enormous diamond
  • Feather from the Zephyr that can write in different colors, but will only write in black if the writer believes what is written is the truth
  • Boots of Water Walking
  • vial with 6 Tears of Poseidon, each of which grants 1 hour of Water Breathing
  • a pearl which when held in the mouth removes the need to breath
  • small greenish coral urn sealed with Hold Portal with the key phrase: “Oh Blah Dee, Oh Blah Dah, Life Goes On” (contains magic, the nature of which has not yet been revealed)
  • small bluish coral urn (not yet identified)
  • Burgee (the small, triangular flag) with a blue with a yellow star in the center. If there is any wind it always seems to point north.


Items Desired:

Unfinished Business:

Finished Business:


Claims to Fame Date
first mention October 4, ’01
rewarded with part ownership of the Haeven Cattle Ranch October 19, ’01
his spellbooks are burnt November 3, ’01
replacement spellbooks are ready December 4, ’01
member of Force 10 from Ampala October 12, ’02
stops Lefty’s invisible & psychotic attack with a Web spell October 21, ’02
finds the Door Tapestry November 10, ’02
kills Harpies in the Salt Flats January 10, ’03
enters The Arena February 1, ’03
at the exit of The Arena, camps with the unconscious bodies of Mordorph,
Elsibeth, Nickedemus, & Alegra
February 7, ’03
once all his charges have recovered consciousness, all exit The Arena, with
Aladdin arriving on The Emerald Bay
February 1, ’03
arrives in the city of St. Gore March 2, ’03
looses 3 weeks picking berries with a talking bear March 4, ’03
viewed by Adler using the Crystal Ball Shard April 10, ’03
saves Gideon from drowning May 3, ’03
begins meditating in the Tomb of Wisdom June 1, ’03
finishes meditating in the Tomb of Wisdom July 1, ’03
Wish’d back to the Kingdom by Lord King Afton Barr July 3, ’03
defeats the Faux-Orcus and his Orc army in the Battle of the Great Hall July 18, ’03
via the Crystal Ball Shard, watches the Regalia be destroyed by Syble Krist July 26, ’03
invited to join The Octopus’ Garden July 28, ’03
saves Bastion from drowning at the Vortex September 26, ’03
meets Borius, the Notorious October 3, ’03
finds the Isle of Wight October 10, ’03
finds the nest of the zephyr October 11, ’03
arrives in Balzrazak October 24, ’03
arrives in the other Balzrazak November 7, ’03
starts sailing for home November 17, ’03
visits the Temple of The Oracle on the Elemental Plane of Air & witness the
death of The Devil’s Doorman
February 25, ’04
arrives at the Monastery of 1000 Steps March 10, ’04
helps defeat Brother Portencio in the Great Library March 15, ’04
enters Broinn na Máthar at the end of The Sparrow’s Reach April 23, ’04
frees the spirits of Desmond & Molly Jones from the sunken wreck of
The Molly Jones
April 30, ’04
helped slay Alderath in order to end the Yellow Death May 3, ’04
helped retrieve Snickersnack from Broinn na Máthar May 7, ’04

Medical History Date
goes negative January 22, ’02
back up to “0” February 9, ’02
made mummy-like by poison gas in the Waterfall Tomb May 30, ’02
body is healed by the restorative fire pit of Phendor August 15, ’02
while in The Arena, loses Wisdom and the ability to cast spells February 6, ’03
after praying in the Tomb of Wisdom, he is accepted as a worshiper of Geb & regains Wisdom so he can cast spells again July 1, ’03
jumps off a cliff to avoid being hit by a Hill Giant, but Morph breaks his fall December 16, ’03
Feebleminded by the Druid Lich
healed by the Healing Sword
May 7, ’04

Aladdin Sane

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