Hunt for Alderath

Conquer the Yellow Death

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Morning of May 3rd year 4

East Breeze was where Desmond and Mollie Jones caught the Yellow Death. Waterford is the town where Thefey Inheart is from.

Aladdin Sane polymorphed as a Hippogriff —carries Godforge and Thefey Inheart – flys over Waterford.

They spot much yellow mold covering everything, and infected people at the tops of trees with their heads expanded and exploding with a pop of yellow spores.

Clearer to the South of Waterford. Because the wind blows from the south. They fly south to open the Door Tapestry.

Morph steps out of the door and says:

How about you simply use that Broken Crystal Ball Shards to find Alderath?

Aladdin uses the crystal ball to find Alderath – in a rocky crag in a pile of fungus. And a giant infected stag watches from above.

The plan: Aladdin flys with The Knave into the crag – fireball clearing, land, Nave open the door while Aladdin uses rope of protection from evil- everyone comes through the door.

People on this adventure Clanom of the Dithedine, Aladdin Sane, Lord King Afton Barr, Rohan Elfwade, Godforge, Nakezin Huzibfa (the Knave), Tansy Brambleberry, Mordorph Mandel, and Thefey Inheart

  • Slow Poison cast on them
  • Greasy Rags around their face

Aladdin lands above the crag polymorphs back to Aladdin and the two Feather Fall 60’ down to the lower crag. Aladdin casts Fireball to clear a spot to open the door in, but the “land” undulates and it becomes clear that the lowest part of the crag has pools of water.

As the steam and fire dissipate The Knave unrolls the door and holds it upright. The party comes through the door, having difficulty walking over the gnarled tree roots covering the ground.

Battle ensues. fungus-Zombies crawl out of the roots, two giant Shambling Mounds awaken from the pools, and a large fungus-zombied stag circles from above to finally charge down upon us.

Clannom, LKAB, and Godforge all execute amazing feats of battle. Aladdin’s webs slow the stag allowing us to kill it without loosing anyone. Right before the stag falls the center mound of mold starts to move, Aladdin hits it with a Fireball, and Alderath stands.

Alderath is yellow and sickly, long arms ready to gasp and kill, he screams “I am Alderath” – Godforge casts Silence. And in that calm we pause the adventure.

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