Woodacre Falls

A halfling logging outpost in the forested mountains in the west of the Kingdom of the Black Hills. It is “protected” by a human village known as Woodacre. The townspeople of Woodacre guard the secret valley that leads to Woodacre Falls.

The guardian of Woodacre Falls was always a Giant Eagle. However, it died with no offspring.

A party was sent to find a giant eagle egg and return with it, which they did. It was placed in the nest after a period of incubation.

The egg hatched, but a horrible stench soon engulfed the town, turning everyone to iron… for what hatched from the egg was not a giant eagle chick, but a baby Jabberwocky, almost ready to fly.

Apparently some kind of ‘mystery’ took place there that involved thudding and cave-ins and a Kobold and 12 wolves and lots of dead bodies, some having been thrown from towers.



*Bastion and Nickedemus battle the terrible baby Jabberwocky!


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