The White Tree

A sacred tree to druids and woodland beings in a small forest south of the Black Hills. Regular pilgrimages were once made to the tree by those asking advice, healing or wish fulfillment. That ended for a time while the tree and its surroundings were shrouded in an evil presence. Pilgrimages stopped. Things have recently been slowly going back to normal since Bastion Bristlefoot, Nickedemus and Elsibeth Malory journeyed to the tree and cleansed it.

Bastion, Nikodemus, and Elsibeth were hanging out in the local pub in Dakota one day when they met a pair of traveling druids. They began talking. The druids spoke of The White Tree and their desire for a cutting from the tree to take back to their clan. They had halted their journey in Dakota after hearing the tree had been befallen by evil. Bastion and Nikodemus offered to retrieve a cutting for them in exchange for a ring of minor regeneration (to heal their stiff joints that were “infected” with iron from an encounter with a baby Jabberwocky in Woodacre Falls). The adventurers went to retrieve a cutting from the White Tree.

After floating down river from the Black Hills on a beer barge, killing some lizardmen, staying in Rivertown and then the Tavern of the White Tree, feeding a shambling mound, killing stirges (who enjoyed feeding on Bastion) … they followed the path into the woods. They fought and killed The Hunter (A wight on an evil unicorn), killed some undead animals and found the tree to be on a small island in the center of a great hedge maze. The tree looked quite dead other than some saplings growing from around it’s roots and was inhabited by an undead druidic wight (The Guardian) who had made a den in a small cave down and under it’s trunk. They killed it and returned with two saplings, one for the druids to complete their bargain and one for…


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