The Witherwitch Diary

The Witherwitch Diary

Currently in the library of Aladdin Sane.

I am by no means going to write a man’s entire diary down, but I will give you all the good info in a summary. By the way, this is about 2 years worth

The Family

You read that the Witherwitches were Lawful Evil folk. There were 6 in the family during what you’re reading.

Age Relation Name Notes Fate
~50 Father Árlester Author of the diary. Tough Magic User went in search of Belfast & the dark cloaked figure
~49 Wife Luria You learn she was a “brewer” killed herself with poison, possibly accidentally
~29 Son Catharley A very dark fighter, hot tempered. The brothers often traveled and were gone for weeks at a time. They sound pretty tough from the trophies they brought home for ma’s potions (i.e., wyvern poison, dragon teeth, etc.). death reported by a “dark elf” underling
~25 Son Srisix An unholy cleric. The brothers often traveled and were gone for weeks at a time. They sound pretty tough from the trophies they brought home for ma’s potions (i.e., wyvern poison, dragon teeth, etc.). backstabbed by a dark cloaked figure
~21 Daughter Lavileda A magic user with exceptional thieving abilities. There was mention of her killing her fiancé in a fight. death reported by a “dark elf” underling
~15 Son Luno If he must be classed, then you would probably say he was an assassin. He used to collect unpaid debts. slain by villiagers while a werewolf

The Witherwitches provided services for people who needed things. The entire family helped, so there were quite a number of “services”. Everything from healing to assassinations, to finding lost people or items, or contacting spirits to sending messages great distances, to exorcisms to, yes, even an occasional reincarnation.

The family also had a variety of servants: the armor on the bridge, harpy ghouls, gargoyles, skeletons, a quasit, some drow were occasionally mentioned, an a pet basilisk and a few vultures. Catharley had a pet dire wolf he used to let Luno ride.

All services were recorded in a ledger: Payment for a service was always severe (an arm and a leg, a foot, fingers, 1st born, life, soul, etc.). There were never deceptive about the “price”. And payment was always collected. They often made use of Árlester’s crystal ball.

All was going well until one full moon the entire family fell curse to lycanthropy. In the morning, they immediately realized what had occurred the night before. Árlester began checking the ledger for dissatisfied customers that might have such power, while Luria began trying to research a “cure”, the rest of the family waited for word from Árlester on who to terminate to lift the curse. In the ledger, he found an elderly woman he thought to be a witch who wanted to find her child. The woman’s name was “Belfast”. Árlester had directed her to the druids.

Thus, Catharley and Srisix were sent to find her. Unfortunately, Árlester could no longer see her with his magic. This was almost a month after the 1st full moon of their lycanthrope. Before the boys left, they fashioned ringlets of silver to prevent turning into werewolves. The boys left the morning after the next full moon. The ringlets worked, but gave them an almost deathly headache all night. A month passed. Luria asked Lavileda to travel to Pathos and find a book on lycanthrope. She left. Another month passed. Árlester watched his children (and spoke with them) through his crystal ball. That full moon, Luno, unable to take the pain of resistance, took off his ringlet and turned wolven. Árlester discovered the next morning he had been slain by villagers in the forest. He wanted vengeance, but knew it had to wait. A few weeks later, Lavileda returned. She had spoken with the druids. Asking them of Belfast. They said she arrived in time to see her child slain in sacrifice. She knew the druids would not randomly choose her child to sacrifice and asked why. They said a dark fighter named Catharley and his brother Srisix had brought it in return for information leading to the “Orb of Might” that they spent much of their time searching for in the woods.

Árlester was enraged that Catharley had hid this from him. He tried to find the brothers and discovered them fighting some invisible form. Srisix was struck down, but not by the invisible force, but rather a dark cloaked figure behind who quickly vanished while Árlester watched and Catharley fought the invisible creature. Eventually he “slew” the creature (it stopped attacking) and went to check Srisix.

After the next full moon, Catharley returned with Srisix’s body. Árlester wanted to bring him back, but Catharley said Srisix, due to his religion, would prefer death. Árlester was feeling defeated. Catharley said he thought they had found Belfast’s home and wanted to find it again. They had also found out that Belfast had hired a thief to kill the family if they ever came after her. Catharley convinced Árlester that with the Orb of Might, Belfast would never be able to fight him. So Catharley and Lavileda, with a few “dark elves” went to find the Orb. Only a dark elf returned with the news of their death. He also said the orb was worthless to their kind.

Árlester had little energy left, and Luria seemed obsessed with her brewing to the point of insanity. Árlester gave up the search for Belfast to concentrate on a cure. He had lost his ability to concentrate as well as he once had due to the ringlet and feared for Luria’s stability. One night, Árlester heard a scream and found Luria dead in the basement. He figured she drank one of her brews that, in her mental torment, she had somehow managed to make toxic. Árlester tried to use his brewing abilities to continue to search for a cure. He finally began locking himself in his library on the full moon. He found this returned his strength to an extent. After several months, he began to be able to control his transformation. Soon he could occasionally turn at will, depending on the phase of the moon.

His last entry was about a week before you guys found the house (January 26, ‘02). It said he would be travelling again. He was going to find Belfast and the “dark cloaked one who can turn invisible”. He had hired some dark elves as his henchmen.

The Witherwitch Diary

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