The Oracle

The ghost of a Ki-Rin who resides in the Plane of Air. Both its Bones & its Fleece were missing.

The Devil’s Doorman tried to use the Bones to get answers, but Lord King Afton Barr returned them to the Oracle and was thanked with prophesies.

The Fleece of the Ki-Rin is desired by a thief and is still missing.


“It sits in a hollow in the woods of the Dithedine, collected by a Podler as a piece of his collection. It is safe and unknown to any but the hidden folk of the Poddler People.”

β€œTo eliminate the evil, draw them from the forest for that is their sanctuary. Out of the forest, drawn by desire, they can fall – but only by a mighty force. There is no cure from evil, only great strength and sacrifice.”


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