The Great Divide

A mysterious invisible barrier that is rumored to run the length of the Central Sea dividing the two continents of Cranenthaul. Legend has it that there is a curse that states anyone sailing or flying across the Great Divide will die, along with those who helped them cross.

There is an island called Maelagro in the middle of the Sea that serves as a trading station between East and West, across the Divide.

Other than by magical means, Adler George is the only known person to have crossed The Great Divide. He did so smuggled in barrel being shipped to the West (unbeknownst to the crew of the sailing vessel on which he stowed). He did this to try to rescue his comrades who had been magically sent “East” through the doors of The Arena (as he had himself). When he returned to ‘the west’ he learned the entire ship and crew of the vessel on which he had stowed in the barrel had been… lost at sea, seemingly proving the legend of the curse of the Great Divide.

According to Isla ‘Ole’ Oleander, there is a rumor about a secret passage through The Great Divide.

[But to prove the legend correct, wouldn’t Adler have had to have died? – Craig]

[True, but since “goods” can be shipped from east to west Adler assumed, rightly it seems, that if he were shipped as a “good”..he could pass, as long as he didn’t get out until he reached his destination – Lance]


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