Suraseth Cranenthaul

Namer of the continent and a Lich.

The Animated Weapons were rumored to either be needed to slay him or needed to be destroyed to slay him. This was never resolved since Suraseth was destroyed by the Orb of Good.


Event Date
discovered the continent unknown
became a Lich unknown
acquired the Orb of Evil & the Crown of Good unknown
slew the Gold Dragon Kirird’dae & brought it back as an undead unknown
Wished that Lord King Afton Barr & his party be Teleported into the ocean September 21, ’02
attempted to curse Alfaro Flan, but failed, so he sent an Earth Elemental after him instead January 26, ’03
Wished by the Lead Cleric of Pathos that he be Teleported to the wisher’s current location, where he was destroyed by the Orb of Good April 4, ’03


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