Sleeping Kings

Sleeping Kings

Part of Trollenkine’s dastardly plan was to put the Kings & Queens of the land into an endless slumber. In this, he mostly succeeded (only Durwell, King of the Gnomes avoided this fate).

To protect their bodies, the Sleeping Kings & Queens had their bodies hidden in a tomb near the Blue Valley.


Eventually, it became time to restore Trollenkine to life. To do so, the Hag tricked a group of heroes into collecting the ingredients of his restoration potion under the auspices of reviving the Kings & Queens.

Unfortunately, since the ritual was a ruse, the Kings & Queens were not awakened. In fact, several (including the King & Queen of the Dwarves) had their bodies destroyed in the ensuing battle.

Timeline Date
the tomb of the Kings & Queens is located February 12, ’01
Kings & Queens are moved to the location of the ritual May 14, ’01
Ritual is found to be a hoax
King & Queen of the Dwarves have their bodies destroyed
May 19, ’01
remaining Kings & Queens moved to a cave by Alfaro, et. al. May 20, ’01

Sleeping Kings

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