Siege of Castle LKAB

The Siege of Castle LKAB


Without Hell, the Devil’s Doorman did not know his place in the multiverse. So he began working on its restoration.

From his base in the Woods of the Dithedine, he collected the two of the three items in the Regalia of Evil: the Crown of Evil and the Rod of Evil. Fortunately, the Orb of Evil had safely resided in Lord King Afton Barr’s Castle since the destruction of the Lich Suraseth Cranenthaul.

Knowing that he would be incapable of obtaining the Orb himself, the Devil’s Doorman found a pawn to don the Crown of Evil and convinced him that he was ‘Orcus, Arch-Devil of Orcs’ (hereafter referred to as Faux-Orcus). Since the Crown made the wearer’s wishes come true, all the Orcs were drawn to Faux-Orcus and obeyed his wish that they not fight among themselves. Due to their orcish nature, The Thieves of Balzrazak were also drawn to Faux-Orcus and bent their knee to him.

As part of his preparations for battle, the Devil’s Doorman extorted a deal from The Weaver, forcing her to open mystic web tunnels to allow Faux-Orcus and his army to travel quickly.

While the King is Away…


When the King Returns…

The Devil’s Doorman and Faux-Orcus marched their army to the gate of Lord King Afton Barr’s Castle. To keep them from breaking the gates, Lady Queen Barr put on the Crown of Good and made a Wish of her own: that the castle would be safe from those who would breach its walls

The army was unable to break in, but Lord King Afton Barr and his forces had some troubles too. Finally, he was able to find the path in that his lady had planned for him to use.

Home Field Advantage

Lord King Afton Barr and his advisers made a plan. Due to the magic of Faux-Orcus, the Orc army seemed like it would hold together indefinitely. Since it was clear that the ‘real’ Orcus was not attacking, the planners knew that their foes were using the Crown of Evil. From their experiences with the destruction of Suraseth Cranenthaul, they knew that a matched pair of Regalia touching would render both artifacts inert and identical. This lead to a cunning, yet dangerous plan where Faux-Orcus would be drawn to the location of the Orb of Evil to get him away from his guards. In that vault, he would encounter Bastion Bristlefoot wielding the Crown of Good as a melee weapon.

Once the evil psuedo powers of the faux Orcus were nullified his army was easily defeated and many (mostly Orcs) retreated into the neighboring hills of Dakota (to be later tracked down by patrols of the Lord King Afton Barr). The faux Orcus was revealed to be the sultan’s prince from the mystical city of Balzrazak who had been fooled by the Grand Vizier into using the crown and rod of evil in an attempt to obtain items from Afton’s vault to recreate Hell. The Grand Vizier was later revealed to be The Devil’s Doorman. In gratitude the prince invited the members of the heroic party who freed him to visit Balzrazak (an extraordinary invitation) to be his guests and receive “gifts”.


The pavillion of the Devil’s Doorman

Siege of Castle LKAB

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