Mythic Balzrazak

The city of Balzrazak is the stuff of stories told over 1,001 nights. It is a place so amazing that even the fishing lures are magical.

Reaching the city is the stuff of other types of stories. An “applicant” must visit the vile port that claims to be Balzrazak. Once there, the person must arrange to be placed on the burial ship. Simply coating ones face with gray paint and hold your breath is not sufficient. The staff must be convinced that you are dead. This is usually done with powerful poisons. Finally, while at sea, the bodies are searched for 3 antique gold coins. If not found, the body (living or dead) will be deposited at sea.

If all the steps are met, and if the person is accepted as someone who is allowed to visit the city, the applicant will wake in a place of luxury.


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