Monastery of One Thousand Steps

The Monastery of One Thousand Steps resides at the far corner of the Kingdom of the Black Hills high atop the mountain known as Rara Avis. As of yet, it does not consider itself part of his domain, though this didn’t keep them getting help from Lord King Afton Barr and Vizer Aladdin Sane during some recent difficulties.

The Monastery is inhabited by the Desciples of Demonstradum and led by the Master of the North Wind, who is assisted by three Masters of the Dragon. These three masters also hold the positions of Master Librarian, Master Gardener, and Master Steward.

In one of the inner quads of the monastery is a sacred orange tree the bears oranges with special properties. The oranges, when eaten (or taken as a juice), cleanse the body of all impurities. One orange is eaten by each monk before the annual tournament hosted by the monks to determine the mastery level of each monk eligible for advancement within the brotherhood. During the recent difficulties a mysterious symbiotic vine of thorns attached itself to the tree and also bore fruit. The fruit of the thorns was identical to the cleansing oranges in very way but were poisonous.

One of the early monks was named Fengis Doom.

The Monastery has the greatest library in the land, hidden away and organized in the form of a giant human body (travel books located in the ‘feet’ area, music lyrics in the ‘throat’ area, etc.). It also had a crypt called Mortus Gloom.

The recent difficulties centered on an attempt by Olifer G’nare, the lead Cleric associated with the Monastery, attempting to take control of the Monastery’s doctrine. This can only be done by the Master of the North Wind, so Father G’nare plotted to have Brother Portencia (aka: Brother Portence) become the new Master of the North Wind. Brother Portencia was brought back from the dead by Father G’nare, so he is deeply indebted to him. The plot was deferred by Afton and Aladdin, but Portencia may try again next year during the ritual fighting that decides the Master of the North Wind.


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