Life Spark of Bog

One of the Godly Vessels.

This is a beautiful sword which looks almost ornamental. It was created by Goibhnie, and bestowed by divine right by Silvanus upon the chieftain of the Dithedine of the Colossus named Bog. The current chieftain is Clanom. The chieftain must use the sword in securing and protecting the colossus Bog in preparation for the return of the The Worm. The sword possesses an unknown power against its “foes,” as demonstrated by Strom (see below).

More details about the sword’s role in the matters of the colossus and Dithedine are described in the Transformation of Clanom

See the report of Tracking of the Thief Who Stole the Life Spark Sword from Strom.


The sword was discovered by the paladin Strom while fighting evil creatures in the Woods of the Dithedine. He pulled the sword from the center of a crater in the woods, then fought his way out of the woods. The evil things in the woods uncharacteristically followed Strom out of the woods and back to the church of Desmond & Molly. A large battle ensued and the evil creatures, banded together, unsuccessfully attempted to steal back the sword.

During a battle the following night, a Black Dragon landed on the roof of the church and had a brief conversation in the Dragon language with [TBD] where it was learned that the evil things of the woods refer to the sword as the ‘Life Spark’.

At some point in the ensuing battle, Strom used the sword against an evil creature with very unusual results; with a single swing the sword dispatched the beast as it were made of nothing but vapors. Strom then shuddered and his face shone with a slight radiance as he briefly appeared younger.

Important Dates

Event Date
found by Strom in an armor pit in the Woods of the Dithedine April 16, ’04
an Evil hoard chases Strom while he is carrying the sword April 17, ’04
stolen by The Tattoo’d Man and another unnamed thief April 20, ’04
brought to Broinn na Máthar by The Tattoo’d Man and The Horned Man April 23, ’04
anoints Clanom the new Chieftain of the Dithedine of Bog April 23, ’04
the Tattoo’d Man is Geas’d by the Druid Lich to bring the sword back to Broinn na Máthar April 24, ’04


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