Log Books from Ik Kil’s Ship Graveyard

As for what you find in various log books of ships:

All ships sailed in “the Great Bay”. Some go back more than 100 years. From dates, the cycle of Ik Kil and the opening of his lair seems to be about every 20-25 years.

There are several references toThe Molly Jones. Some fear it and other hold it in reverence. The descriptions of the sightings seem to be formed based on the preconceived notions of the ship. Some describe it as terrifying and ghostly, haunted, withered sails and dead captains at the helm and a crew of the dead. Others describe it as a hallowed ship and the ship seeing it stops working and holds a moment of silent prayer for Desmond and Molly as it passes and describe seeing them waving to them from the deck, glowing and angelic. It is always during a full moon.

You also learn of a pirate known by the name of Malice Kabal and a famous navigator named Petite LeGrand (apparently a halfling). The navigator is always referred to in the past tense and in phrases such as “Even Petite LeGrand couldn’t find his way through this fog” or “We pulled a Petite LeGrand and managed to find our way out”. Malice Kabal was known to as a ruthless pirate who tracked down those he sought with a tenaciousness that was uncanny”. There are a few references to “The Dreaded Map of Malice LeGrand”.

The rest of the log books are pretty straight forward.

The map hoard gives all you’d want to know about The Great Bay (at least while the tide is “normal”). There are a few safe harbors mentioned along the east coast.


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