Force 10 to Ampala from Pathos

The Ten:
Aladdin Sane – the wizard
Addler George – dragon turtle slayer
Milo – the Dwarf
Nickedemus – the thief
Narsull – slayer of dragon
Buffy – sister of Biff
Franz “Lefty” Briggs – lightning rod
Canyon Weatherfear
Frederick of the Orb
Kaylig – the Soldier

The ‘Ten’ was formed in Pathos with the fateful joining of Kaylig. Our quest was to rescue Harlequin, Lord of Abalone. We believed that he was held in the Orc infested city of Ampala.

While traveling through the woods of the evil druids, we made a deal to trade our horses for safe passage. We could feel the evil of the Monolith as we passed it. The Orcs are observed building a dam at the head of the Great River to control its water flow. Although over one hundred orcs were working on the task, we decide it will take them many months to finish, so we decide to deal with it later. A Legion of Orcs walk by. A captured Orc soldier tells us they are en-route to the Great Plains. That night, there is a great lightning storm, which we believe is the Druids destroying the Orcs Forces. (October 24, ’02)

Kaylig dies on ‘Half Dome’. Force takes Mountain fortress. Ogres attack in the night, but are overwhelmed. Two days later, the Force encounters a Gorgon. Adler turned to stone. (October 29, ’02)

Later, half of party goes to Ampala, half hole up in a nearby barn. Info is gathered. 20 prisoners in keep. Much debate about how to perform operation ‘Breakout’.

Fred gets called out by supposed friendly girl. He is bushwhacked and slain. Four toughs have discovered us. We hear Fred’s last cry. We attack. Three die. Wizard escapes. Lefty is slain by lady with black sword. (November 2, ’02)

Party splits up. Escapes city in various ways. Aladdin, Adler, & Canyon unable to find safe passage out of city so continue with mission. Enter keep. Find Dungeon. Find cool hobbit. Find Harlequin. (November 4, ’02)

Kobolds discover him missing. Release feisty hobbit. Run. Climb north wall. Over and out. Meet party at Barn (3 mile job). Pull wagon and go.

Long live ‘Force 10’.



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