Fallon’s Gate

A sturdy Dwarven fortification in the mountains between River’s Head to the West, and the Great Swamp to the East. [NO LINK TO THE SWAMP UNTIL THE PROPER NAME IS KNOWNLANCE?]

The fortifications were constructed by the former Dwarven kingdom in the Black Hills, and consist of a high wall with parapet and a gate in the middle that blocks a steep, narrow valley. The wall looks outward upon a deep, treacherous valley that lies at the foot of the wall and runs parallel to it. A rushing river can be heard in the depths of the gorge. The road through the narrow valley runs out through the gate in the wall, crosses the gorge via a precarious wooden bridge, and continues in another valley to the East of the gorge.

There is a tomb in the rock wall near the fortifications where Lord King Afton Barr exercised the ghost of Fallon, a once great Dwarven warrior. Fallon’s remains still rest in Fallon’s tomb and are guarded by a garrison of Dwarves of the LKAB. Also, A large battle was fought by King Afton and his companions on the journey that would lead him to the Beacon Tower, Braum Bowler, and eventually, the Plane of Air.


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