Emerald Bay

A ship that sails the seas east of the Great Divide.

“The Emerald Bay” is also the name of a mythical place believed by the crew of the ship (of the same name) to be the heavenly after life awaiting those sailors who sail, explore and fight with virtue and honor. Many sailors believe it is an actual bay where a man may find perfect rest and be free from worry and strife. Any deed perpetrated by a crew member of the Emerald Bay (Ship) that is lacking appropriate virtue is thought to be able to prevent all the members of ship from sailing to The Emerald Bay (place) upon their passing.

The captain of the Emerald Bay (ship), Captain Morray, is said to be missing and the crew is waiting for his return. They say his return will bring good tidings and usher in a time of great joy for the crew. The captain’s quarters have been sealed since his departure and are not to be opened. Opening the captain’s quarters is thought to be an act of betrayal, and as such, an act that would prevent the crew from reaching The Emerald Bay.

The nemesis of the crew of the Emerald Bay is the ship Black Goliath.


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