The Dithedine

Until recently the Dithedine were simply known as the legendary inhabitants/keepers of the woods east of the Kingdom of the Black Hills and the Great Swamp. They were said to be a strange race of (likely) elves that came to the woods and began a settlement. At an unknown time in the past the Dithedine disappeared.

Some speculate the Dithedine mated with the local wood or grey elves and the Keck are the descendants of that union.

Recent information has suggested the term “Dithedine” is more of a title than a race and could be bestowed upon any group of people. If this is the case it is unknown who or what bestows this title or what it signifies. A recently discovered stone in the Woods of the Dithedine has suggested whatever their role in the settling the woods, it was turned to a dark purpose and for that they were transformed into …something else, with their original purpose lost or twisted into one of vengeful obsession. This is all speculation.


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