The continent upon which these tales take place. Named by the Lich Suraseth Cranenthaul after himself. It is across a great ocean from the continent of Greyhawk, whose tales only faintly echo in the annals of Cranenthaul.

The continent is divided into two separate and distinct land masses separated by a Central Sea. The western side has been void of organized social structure for many generations. The eastern land mass (what’s been seen of it) is commonly referred to as The New Continent, and has evolved and seems to be advanced in technology, architecture, weaponry, economy and social structure.

The two land masses are separated by a mysterious invisible cursed barrier called The Great Divide that is rumored to run the length of the central sea. Other than by magical means, Adler George is the only known person to have crossed The Great Divide.

There is a tiny island in the third island chain down in the lower middle section of the Central Sea that serves as a trading station. A band of traders live on the island. They move goods from ships on one coast of the island to ships awaiting on the other coast, never setting foot on the ships themselves nor ever having sailors disembark to “other” side of the island.

Map of the continent of Cranenthaul


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