Captain Defias' Paintings

Captain Defias’ Paintings

Collection of 3 paintings owned by Captain Defias. His ship was a well known merchant ship that dealt in high-end goods around the bay … and slightly into the edge of the Archipeligo. His home port was somewhere up river from South Port. Ole observed that the paintings seem to change in line with the actual condition of the location which was painted.

Painting #1

Description: Painting of a parlor, presumably of his home (likely so he could check if his family was well).

To Do: Locate Captain Defias’ home by inspecting his log books. Determine if the painting “looks” out of another painting or if it fixed to the house. If the item the painting “looks” out of is portable, try to buy it. If it is fixed to the house, maybe buy the house (not sure of the purpose, but one will likely present itself.

Painting #2

Description: Painting of his ship, which is now in Ik Kil’s ship graveyard.

To Do: Not much can be done with this painting (unless it is linked to a removable part of the ship, such as the figurehead). It may be possible to track Ik Kil’s movements if he happens to fly near it enough.

Painting #3

Description: Another painting of his parlor and the other painting (i.e., Painting #1) above the fireplace.

To Do: See Painting #1’s To Do.

Captain Defias' Paintings

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