Broken Crystal Ball

When searching the site of a battle, Marcaun found shards of a broken crystal ball. Collecting all the pieces he could find, Marcaun discovered that it still worked (more or less). When he pictures a person in his mind, the crystal shards would ooze mist which would contain an image of that person’s current location. It was hard to divine exactly where the target was, but it was better than nothing.

Later, a wooden base and glass dome were constructed to hold the crystal’s magical mists as coherent as possible. This improved the image the ball projected.

Since Marcaun’s death, the Crystal Ball has been passed around. It is currently in the possession of Aladdin.


Event Date
shards found November 29, ’00
Sundon is scry’ed upon September 12, ’01
Valerie (along with Drake) are scry’ed upon September 13, ’01
Sundon is scry’ed upon while killing a Green Dragon September 15, ’01
Balelakai is scry’ed upon April 4, ’03
Drake is scry’ed upon April 5, ’03
Bungalow Bill is scry’ed upon while running in the plains April 4, ’03
Milo can not be scry’ed upon & assumed (correctly) to be dead April 9, ’03
Aladdin is scry’ed upon & found to be with other party members April 10, ’03
Bastion is scry’ed upon April 11, ’03
Elsibeth is scry’ed upon April 12, ’03
Kurgan is scry’ed upon April 13, ’03
Canyon is scry’ed upon April 15, ’03
Syble Krist is scry’ed upon while destroying the Regalia of Good, Evil, & Neutrality, along with Greenstake July 26, ’03
Bruaker, the Stone Giant, is scry’ed upon February 13, ’04
Brother Portencio is attempted to be scry’ed upon, but cannot be found March 12, ’04
Brother Portencio is scry’ed upon in the library March 14, ’04
The Life-Spark Sword is scry’ed upon, showing The Horned Man & The Tattoo’d Man April 21, ’04
The Life-Spark Sword is scry’ed upon, showing The Horned Man & The Tattoo’d Man following The Sparrow’s Reach April 22, ’04
a person possibly infected with The Yellow Death is scry’ed upon and returned to quarantine May 2, ’04
Alderath is scry’ed upon May 3, ’04
The Anti-Paladin connected to the Voodoo Doll is scry’ed upon May 7, ’04


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