Borius, the Notorious, claims to be the only man who can find his way through the Archipelago in a heavy fog. He lives on an island in the Archipelago.

He is a big human with a beard, an eye patch, and a limp (the last two of which were optional). Heavily tattooed by his father, who was a human native to the archipelago that said the tattoos would give Borius power some day. His mother was a half-elf. He wears an intricately carved ring. Borius is very strong and very old.

Uses magic bracers to cause his skiff to be manned by ghosts.

Has two Lipozaun Stallions, Whisper and Wind.

Travels to the Island of the Tainted Ale, which is somehow connected to the Tainted Ale in the Salt Flats.

Claims the Salton Sea was cursed on the arrival of his “Band of Brothers & Sisters”. There was water in it when they arrived.


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