A male Drow fighter/wizard with a raven familiar. He allied himself with the Lich Suraseth Cranenthaul before its destruction. He was first encountered delivering the captured Jabberwocky to Suraseth. Wields Snickersnack.

Apparently killed by The Horned Man for Snicksnack, with the aid of Quisod, the Tattoo’d Man.


Claims to Fame Date
fights Afton, Alfaro Flan, etc. January 13, ’02
encounters Den Morak & Nyshae Camden January 15, ’02
traveling with other Drow guarding a BIG wagon containing
the Jabberwocky
July 8, ’02
fights Adler, Canyon, etc., while escorting the Jabberwocky September 14, ’02
fights Afton, Alfaro, etc., at Suraseth’s stronghold September 21, ’02
seen in the woods outside Pathos April 6, ’03
killed by The Horned Man & Quisod, the Tattoo’d Man early April, ’04


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