The Arena

A fantastic subterranean labyrinth that is primarily intended to test the fiber of adventurers. Although its physical location is hidden, the Arena’s entrance is a magical necklace. Wearing the necklace caused the wearer (candidate) to be teleported to the Arena, though their magical items were stolen & teleported elsewhere.

The Arena was the culmination of a great competition between 30 powerful entities on “the other continent” whose group may have been called (or met at) The Emerald Bay. The entities includes the captain of a magical ship, a Rakshasa, either the high priest of Saint Gore – or – Saint Gore himself, etc.

Each entity contributed to the contents of The Arena, which was filled with traps & monsters of every type (Treants underground, Dragon Turtles, animated paintings, Xorns, etc.). From time to time, a gold key would be found as treasure.

At the deepest corner of the Arena stood a variety of 30 doors, all of human height in different and unique forms – wooden, stone, arched, square, ornate, simple, etc. Each was opened by any gold key, though each door would only allow one party member to pass (i.e., one key was needed by each candidate). Exiting through the door teleported the candidate to the domain of one of the entities, where he/she was at that creature’s mercy.

Those who explored the Arena and where they escaped to:

A tattered piece of parchment found in the Salt Flats has some images known to be associated with The Arena. The parchment is thought to have been made by someone who survived The Arena from the party lead by an adventurer known as Baraka. It was said Baraka sought the Arena in order to find the Rod of Good. It is this reason the party mentioned above were tracking Baraka and thusly found The Arena. The name of Baraka’s can be seen in the parchment below.

The mystery is, if entering The Arena means exiting at the other continent, how does a parchment with notes on The Arena end up back in the Salt Flats?



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