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  • iron_golem

    h1. Ausnos / The Iron Golem A living Iron Golem that was created when (in a moment of desperation involving adventurers) an aging human Cleric named Ausnos, who greatly feared dying, jumped into the molten contents of the iron Golem that he was just …

  • balelakai

    h1. Balelakai A male Drow fighter/wizard with a raven familiar. He allied himself with the Lich [[suraseth|Suraseth Cranenthaul]] before its destruction. He was first encountered delivering the captured [[jabberwocky|Jabberwocky]] to Suraseth. Wields …

  • braum_bowler

    h1. Braum Bowler A Half Orc warrior whose story was whispered by children in villages around the countryside in the form of the song [[braum_bowler_verse|"The Bones of Braum Bowler"]]. The actual history of Bruam Bowler is unknown. What is known is …

  • suraseth

    h1. Suraseth Cranenthaul Namer of [[cranenthaul|the continent]] and a Lich. The [[animated_weapons|Animated Weapons]] were rumored to either be needed to slay him or needed to be destroyed to slay him. This was never resolved since Suraseth was …

  • the_hag

    h1. The Hag Mother of [[maxwell | Maxwell]]. Mistress of [[trollenkine |Trollenkine]]. Loved to grant people’s desires in the most [[nasty_old_men|unpleasant ways possible]]. Expert brewer. Killed by [[:lkab|Lord King Afton Barr]].

  • sundon

    h1. Sundon [[lockhorn|Lockhorn]] Leader. Operated [[sundons_mine|Sundon's Mine]], which was staffed by undead.

  • trollenkine

    h1. Trollenkine Short of the Gods themselves, none has had a greater effect on the continent of [[cranenthaul|Cranenthaul]] than the fiendish wizard Trollenkine. He wrote most of the spell books to be found in Cranenthaul and filled them with …

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