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  • ampala

    h1. Ampala A fortified town with a keep in the realm of [[Abalone ]], Inhabited by Bugbears, Kobolds, etc. It is near the Dwarven [[phendor|Kingdom of Phendor]]. Goal city of the adventure [[force10|Force Ten to Ampala]] [[File:356317 | class …

  • bishops_hostel

    h1. Bishop's Hostel A small town on the western coast of [[cranenthaul|Cranenthaul]] with a [[bard_of_bishops_hostel|notable bard]] in it.

  • Cullenshole

    h1. Cullenshole (AKA Cullens' Hole) A fortified island town at the northern tip of the bay east of the [[woods_of_the_dithedine|Woods of the Dithedine]]. It is owned and operated by [[The Family Cullen]]. It consists of 100 or so families all related …

  • eastbreeze

    h1. East Breeze A port town entirely built on piers on the water of the east coast of The [[Great Bay]]. Reclusive. When _[[molly_jones_ghost_ship |The Molly Jones]]_ visited, they found it overrun with [[yellow_death|The Yellow Death]]. The …

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