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  • kirird_dae

    h1. Kirirdedae A Good Dragon slain and turned undead by [[suraseth | Suraseth Cranenthaul]]. Assigned to guard [[Tomb of Mirirdi|the burial cavern]] of the Unicorn named [[Mirirdi]]. Slain by [[:lkab | Lord King Afton Barr]]. The spirit of …

  • bellmar

    h2. BellMar Black Dragon slain in the [[salt_flats |Salt Flats]] on [[calendar_03_01|January 30, '01]].

  • lucy

    h1. Lucy A young-ish Black Dragon that was raised by Orcs to guard a gem mine in the [[archipeligo|Archipelago]]. Possibly the "Lucy" mentioned in a song sung by [[bard_of_bishops_hostel|Nickel Tyme]].

  • Ik Kil, the Red

    h1. Ik Kil An as yet unseen Red Dragon of supposed very old age (possibly ancient) that lives in a great cavern below the sea near the legendary [[Broinn na M├íthar]]. The cavern is said to only open at great low tides. How often this occurs is …

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