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  • Mirirdi

    h1. Mirirdi A Unicorn whose body, after death, was interred in a [[Tomb of Mirirdi|fantastic cavern]]. Upon the back wall of her burial chamber was written the verse: _Here lies Mirirdi Blessed is her body Sacred is her strength May she rest in …

  • the_oracle

    h1. The Oracle The ghost of a "Ki-Rin":http://dnd.wikia.com/wiki/Ki-rin who resides in the [[plane_of_air|Plane of Air]]. Both its [[bones_of_the_oracle|Bones]] & its [[fleece_of_the_oracle|Fleece]] were missing. The [[devils_doorman|Devil's …

  • tell_tale

    h1. Tell-Tale Strangely unkillable fiend whose heart never stops beating. It is believed that Tell-Tale lies "dormant" (or possible incorporeal) until an unfortunate (or brave) adventurer seeks the [[garden_of_saint_eves|Garden of St. Eves]]. Tell-Tale …

  • weaver

    h1. Weaver Female Spider-centaur that can create 'tunnels' across great distances with her webs. She has also been known to have egg sacks transported to distant locations. Then, upon hatching, her "children" burrow home to make a tunnel to their …

  • kirird_dae

    h1. Kirirdedae A Good Dragon slain and turned undead by [[suraseth | Suraseth Cranenthaul]]. Assigned to guard [[Tomb of Mirirdi|the burial cavern]] of the Unicorn named [[Mirirdi]]. Slain by [[:lkab | Lord King Afton Barr]]. The spirit of …

  • lucy

    h1. Lucy A young-ish Black Dragon that was raised by Orcs to guard a gem mine in the [[archipeligo|Archipelago]]. Possibly the "Lucy" mentioned in a song sung by [[bard_of_bishops_hostel|Nickel Tyme]].

  • Ik Kil, the Red

    h1. Ik Kil An as yet unseen Red Dragon of supposed very old age (possibly ancient) that lives in a great cavern below the sea near the legendary [[Broinn na Máthar]]. The cavern is said to only open at great low tides. How often this occurs is …

  • black_hath

    h1. Black Hath A magical and carnivorous horse, whose teeth are razor-sharp. Evil to the core, these beasts are often hunted for their [[black_hath_teeth|teeth]].

  • tumbleweeds

    h2. Blood-Sucking Tumbleweeds Like normal tumbleweeds, except for the blood sucking. If one didn't use range weapons to kill them one might find ones self dowsed in acid. They caused the death of [[:marcaun-the-unlucky | Markahn, the Unlucky]].

  • jabberwocky

    h1. Jabberwocky A two-headed beast the size of a house. It rampages along the country-side and all who are near it turn to iron by the breath of one of it's heads or go mad. Even if slain, it is reborn. The Jabberwocky lays a single egg in the nest …

  • knucklewalker

    h1. Knucklewalkers A race of large (8'-10') ape-like men or man-like apes that travel in packs and are fond of preying on humanoids. They are named for their method of walking upright while dragging their knuckles on the ground or using them for …

  • lockhorn

    h1. Lockhorn Humanoid-shaped creatures with long-curved horns that pointed forward. Fight with spears and invariably aim for the head. Lockhorns are known to have exceptional perceptions.

  • oliphant

    h1. Oliphant A elephant-like creature - fairly harmless if not spooked. Beloved by [[Zeus]].

  • nasty_old_men

    h2. Wood Warlock Have you ever ended up talking with an old guy who won't let the conversation end and you feel like he is sucking the life out of you? Well, it turns out he is. When [[the_hag|The Hag]] was commissioned to keep someone from dying …

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