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  • camouflage_armor

    h3. Camouflage Armor +1 Leather Armor for a 8' tall humanoid made from octopus skin that changes color to match its background, so it provides a hiding bonus when the wearer is not moving. h3. History |_.Event |_.Date | | found in the wreck of …

  • magic_eating_platemail

    h1. Magic-Eating Platemail Worn by the [[anti-paladins|Anti-Paladins]], these suits of platemail could consume the magic from items that touched them (typically weapons). The method of their creation is unknown.

  • arms_of_ares

    Created by [[Ares]] to be wielded by his champion. Includes * [[platemail_of_ares|Platemail of Ares]] * [[shield_of_ares|Shield of Ares]] * [[helmet_of_ares|Helmet of Ares]] (destroyed) Most recently wielded by [[:mordorph-mandel | Mordorph …

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