RETIRED half elf thief.


Class: Thief
Level: 4
Sex/Race: Male/Half Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Fate: Retired in Grey Castle with a wife and opened a pub.
Player: John Tracy


Tywane the uh… scout. (yeah. scout. that’s it.)

Tywane is the greedy off spring of a violent encounter between a captured high-elf noble woman and a human soldier. He grew up and learned to survive in the streets on his own, since his mother died in child birth, unable to pass this half elf from her body with ease and grace. It was a terrible struggle that left her too drained to continue living.

He survived as he could; stealing, performing with a troupe of acrobats, killing for money. Eventually he fell into a series of adventures that cost him his ear, turned his skeleton against him, and his flesh to rot as that of a mummy’s.

Currently he lives with his wife in the village around Grey Castle, running Tywane’s Inn. He can often be found entertaining travelers with his stories of adventures past.

He’s given up the adventuring life, except for a few brief, but quite necessary, quests.

But that, is another story.


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