DEAD male wood elf assassin


Class: Assassin
Level: 6
Sex/Race: Male/Wood Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Birthday: April 11th
Player: Eric Wright


Fate: “Died in Maxwell Battle”

Rickland stole the contract that Jackalclan signed with a Devil that would prevent Jackalclan from aging. After being chased to a titan’s fortress and the entrance to the Blue Valley, Rickland burned the contract just to spite Jackalclan, dooming him to age quickly. Rickland later fought in the battle that ended the life of Jackalclan.

He was also at one point in possession of a gem that was a key component needed for the brew that The Hag intended to use to bring Trollenkine back from the dead. Rickland died fighting to stop Trollenkine’s resurrection.

Medical History

knocked negative April, ’00
knocked negative January 17, ’01
gets foot reattached February 6, ’01
knocked negative March 2, ’01
dies May 19, ’01


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