Canyon Weatherfear

DEAD male dwarf thief


Class: Thief
Level: 6
Sex/Race: Male/Dwarf
Alignment: Lawful Good
Player: Lance


A dwarven thief who was once the procurer of items for The Brothers Grimm. He left that position in order to travel with a hardy band of adventurers. Canyon was once the long time posessor of the magical weapon Moonglow… until an unfortunate error in battle caused Canyon to strike himself with it in his head, thus ending his career… and life.

Fate: “Magic Sword (Moon Glow) to his own head (fumble! Oops!)” (March 13, ’03)

Claims of Fame

rewarded with part ownership of the Haeven Cattle Ranch October 19, ’01
member of Force 10 from Ampala October 12, ’02

Medical History

goes negative July 7, ’01
back up to “0” July 14, ’01
goes negative August 20, ’01
back up to “0” September 1, ’01
“in bad shape” October 19, ’01
back up to “0” October 30, ’01
goes negative August 21, ’02
goes negative January 30, ’03
back up to “0” February 13, ’03
put in 24 hour coma by sacrificial smoke March 9, ’03
dies March 13, ’03

Canyon Weatherfear

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