Adler George

Halfling Teamster and all-around good dude.


aka Citizen George


Started his adventuring life as an illusionist but soon lost his memory of such skills to the embrace of a succubus. Having no other illusionist to relearn his skills from he used what resources he had (a party of several thieves) and became a thief. This training took some time, however, so Adler became known as “Citizen George” during the journeys on which he had no useful skills. He is well known for his clever wisdom.

  • “It’s out of the air-popper and into the bowl.”
  • “Don’t count your dumplings before they bob.”
  • “The ultimate danger persists for those who lack means of escape or control.”

Wields the shortsword named ‘Somber’.
Carries the Lantern of Attacking Foes.

During the adventure Force 10 to Ampala from Pathos, he was known as the ‘Dragon Turtle Slayer’, and was turned to stone, then restored. Is the only known being to have successfully crossed The Great Divide (twice!).

Birthday: July, 27th

Claims to Fame:

rewarded with part ownership of the Haeven Cattle Ranch October 19, ’01
killed a Dragon Turtle! July 24, ’02
member of Force 10 from Ampala October 12, ’02
enters The Arena February 1, ’03
escapes from The Arena to St. Gore Cathedral February 8, ’03
sets sail from Iron Grey for Maelagro March 27, ’03
crosses The Great Divide at Maelagro as cargo March 28, ’03
arrives at the City State of the World Emperor and starts traveling overland toward Pathos March 29, ’03
meets LKAB & company in Pathos April 8, ’03
starts flying with Alfaro back to the Great Divide April 29, ’03
shipped (again) in a barrel to The Lady Barret May 2, ’03
arrives in St. Gore, where is his a wanted man May 7, ’03
given custody of the Rod of Good sometime in May, ’03
releases Aladdin from the Tomb of Wisdom July 2, ’03
Wish’d back to the Kingdom by Lord King Afton Barr July 3, ’03
defeats the Faux-Orcus and his Orc army in the Battle of the Great Hall July 18, ’03
help with the investigation at the Monastery of 1,000 Steps March 9, ’04
sews closed a cut in reality with a magical sewing kit March 21, ’04
enters Broinn na M├íthar at the end of The Sparrow’s Reach April 23, ’04
frees the spirits of Desmond & Molly Jones from the sunken wreck of
The Molly Jones
April 30, ’04

Medical History:

knocked to negatives January 19, ’01
lost all Illusionist levels due to a Succubus
begins career as a Thief
July 5, ’01
“in bad shape” October 19, ’01
back up to “0” October 30, ’01
knocked to negatives August 21, ’02
turned to stone October 29, ’02
restored to flesh October 31, ’02
knocked to negatives December 12, ’02
knocked to negatives February 3, ’03
knocked to negatives February 8, ’03
back up to “0” February 14, ’03
knocked to negatives February 27, ’03
back up to “0” March 6, ’03
turned to stone October 8, ’03
restored to flesh sometime before February 15, ’04

Adler George

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