UPDATE: Regarding the Incident at the Toad Inn in D’Kota

A report filed by officer Brandenburg “Brand” Gates (cleric of the Realm of the LKAB).

I am pleased to report this case is closed. We followed the female druid, Elven fighter and two thieves as they, with some difficulty, slew the goblins and freed the captive (who promptly joined his buddy in the back).

The party continued down the tunnel. (note: While looking about we discovered a secret tunnel that leads to the base of the giant oak at the pond outside Toad Inn). Down the tunnel it split into two paths. One, clearly lead to an exit, the other towards running water. We followed it and discovered a secret warehouse. Sire, I am not sure how this small party of bumblers did it but the four of them managed to take out three bugbears and half a dozen or more goblins. It was impressive.

It seems a small band of smugglers had set up a system to pull the kegs of the kingdom being floated downstream into their warehouse. They then tapped, partially drained, and watered down the barrels. They would then send them on their way back down stream. We believe these barrels were then shipped ans old on some black market. We also believe there is a rival thieves guild to Sir Nakezin’s that may be behind this.

We will continue to investigate. For now…we believe this small party deserves some token of your appreciation for their efforts.

Note: In the confusion the two captives who had been freed escaped down the primary exit tunnel.



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