The Death of Alderath

An attempt to vanquish the yellow-death.

This is a continuation of Hunt for Alderath

Player Characters on this adventure Clanom of the Dithedine, Aladdin Sane, Lord King Afton Barr, Rohan Elfwade, Godforge, Nakezin Huzibfa (the Knave), Tansy Brambleberry, Mordorph Mandel, and Thefey Inheart
(Chet, Lyle, Lance, Carl, Pat, and Big John)

Everyone is moving 1/4 speed (roots and entangle)
Morph and Nakezin missed their save for entangle and stuck.

Round One

Insects (plague) start emerging from the undergrowth
LKAB cast Hold Person on Alderath
GodforgeSpiritual Hammer – (hits 7)
Godforge cast Dispel Magic to try and free Morph and Nakezin from entangle.
Aladdin Magic Missile (hits 15)

Hold Person might have worked.
Dispel Magic allowed for another saving throw which Morph and Nakezin failed.
Rohan Elfwade tries to free Morph

Morph and Rohan are immune from the insects (robe of animal friendship and monk ability)

Round Two

Alderath bursts thorns of nastiness from his abdomen.
Tansy – takes a thorn for 6pts
LKAB takes a thorn in the skull – knocked out. (Arduin critical)

Godforge hits Spiritual Hammer – 4pts
Aladdin hits with Magic Missile – 12pts

Round Three

Rohan frees Morph
Nakezin frees himself
Godforge cast Cure Light Wounds on Thefey


Godforge Spiritual Hammer – last attempt miss
Tansey Spiritual Hammer – hits! (first round)
Godforge takes two points
Thefey goes down from head shot and is low on hit points
Aladdin polymorphs to hippogriff

Round Four

Alderath – sheds the last of Alderath – and is now a plant creature of nastiness with tentacles and thorns.
The group moves up for the attack
Aladdin flies to LKAB
Godforge cast Cure Light Wounds on Thefey


Clanom and Rohan both take hits from the tentacles
Clanom misses his save – luckily slow poison is in effect.
Aladdin gets hits by tentacle – 2pts – makes save
Nakezin throws Goden – hits
Godforage – casts Spiritual Hammer (5 rounds) – hits

Round five


Aladdin pulls LKAB into the cave
More move up for attack (now in range Rohan, Nakezin, Clanom)


Clanom takes 9 damage – some in head – not stunned
Nakezin hits for 7 in head – not stunned – makes save
Rohan 2 damage
Morph – bow hit
Tansey – Spiritual Hammer
Clanom hits with Life Spark Sword
Nakezin hits with Worm Tongue
Rohan hits with staff
Aladdin – advanced first aid on LKAB to determine he should not do anything strenuous

Round six


Bugs can now see Clanom
Clanom – hits
Godforge hits
Nakezin hits
Tansey hits
Rohan hits
Goden hits on it’s return

The Plant is dead!

Craig joins us virtually.

The throne we uncover – druidic runes cover.

Found staff with egg shape grey stone. – Staff of the Archdruid – Thefey pulls it out.

Thefey is now the Steward of the Staff of the Archdruid.

We feel a shifting below – the pools start to drain. We roll up the door and head to the base of the tree behind the throne. There is a cave in its base.

We descend 150’ into a well like opening inside the cave. The Knave leads. We leave the rope hanging.

At the bottom is an underground river, carved with a side path. The hole leads above the river – one must swing side to side to land on the path.

Rohan notices, as the water recedes, that the pools have goodies in them. He finds an ornate gem clad dagger, and picks it up. +1 dagger

The underground river flows into what looks to be a newly opened cavern, but with ruins at the bottom, into which the river is now flowing. Morph suggests that we go down into a fallen pool from above. The Knave, who can swim, joins Morph investigating. He climbs down into the pool.

The Knave finds that there are three types of rubble in the pool: gate structure, some stone room/tomb/vault, and above that mud. We ask Aladdin to do a Detect Magic to help look for stuff. At the bottom of the filling pool, the Knave finds an intricate ornamental bowl with jewels, a stone chalice, and a large stone obelisk with Dithedine symbols on it.

LKAB loans glasses of read languages to the Knave, who reads something about, “druid will be summoned – sacrifice.” – hard to read because of the silt falling and cloudy water. Aladdin swims down to read the whole thing.

Two trolls walk down the stream. After a few moments of humorous banter, LKAB decrees we slay the one that didn’t declare that he was the “one that lives.”

Morph, the Knave, LKAB, and Rohan with bow from a distance, engage with the nasties. Morph bashes out his teeth with a crit and drops one. They let the other troll pass. They are infected by the yellow death-like disease.

Aladdin translates of the stone obelisk, which in large part contains the Charter of the Dithedine of Bog

There are other tablets that describe when the great worm appears, and when to cast the Obelisk.
The signs we did discover:

  • Above ground animals, moving to the mountains. – herds of wild animals – of which there will be many.
  • Below ground animals moving – lots of underground movement.

Weather causes large growth – and large heard animals – when enough heard animals happen the large worm awakes.
Probably near the winter solstice – 6months.

The spell needs to be cast on sanctified druidic ground. – the staff can sanctify ground (Thefey can do this).

We named the Troll Stewy the Steward Stewart.

XP was dolled out!




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