35th Year Aniversery Game

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May 4, ’04

While chatting about how to get the obelisk out of the pit under Alderath’s mound a young girl, Misty, bloodied and with an offering, came to ask for help. Monsters, attacked their home. Grandfather pushed her out a window – she ran to the Alderath. She brought a locket that was her mother’s as payment to Alderath for help. The father had been missing because he went to look for her mother.

Morph took her message and organized the party to head to save her grandfather, two miles away. Morph, Clanom, Tansey, LKAB, Alladin, the Knave, Godforge, Nimble, Thefay, Adler, and Misty.

  • house invaded by Hobgoblins & grounds infested with Ankhegs
  • following father caused us to run into a Jackelwere
  • find a town being attacked by Knucklewalkers, which we defeat
  • the town is Lonely Hearts Gorge, a town of people waiting for the return of loved ones from a path (from which no one has returned so far)
  • Pepper Shears, the local bard, asks us to look for her father William if we follow the path

May 5, ’04

  • after sleeping, we travel the path from which no one has returned so far
  • get attacked by a Wyvern or two
  • arrive at a Château & are welcomed, though William Shears warns us to not eat or drink via Thief’s Cant
  • Adler scouts ahead & ends up getting Charmed
  • do battle with a mysterious entity that initially pretends to be undead, but turns out to be a sneaky Rakshasa, along with 2 more Jackalwere assistants
  • due to its immunity to magic & ability to cast Invisibility, we give up trying to kill it, but we do take its Flying Carpet & magically-locked chest. Naturally, this means we have made a new enemy
  • fly back to end of the path. Learn that “Billy” Shears is associated with the Octopus’ Garden
  • Billy & Pepper leave with us back to Alderath’s lair

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